Innovation in Cultural & Creative and ICT Industries Section

Be a Game Changer in the New Economy

With information technology having penetrated and reshaped both the consumer and business markets, corporate and industrial players are doing their utmost to find the formula for successful innovation and multidimensional growth in the new economy. The one thing all these innovations have in common is bringing happiness to individuals or groups by providing products, services or experiences through cross-industry integration.

Therefore, to help our students cope with the changing business landscape and even change the rules of the game in the new economy, the Innovation in Cultural & Creative and ICT Industries Section brings together the best from the technology, ICT, and cultural & creative industries and delivers tailor-made courses that equip them with fundamental business literacy and the ability to see the big picture, take risks, turn ideas into reality, and generate innovation.

Suitable for:

Professionals in information technology, creative workers, and innovation agencies.